Ad hoc reviewer for:

2021:             Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved

2021:             International Journal of Behavioral Medicine

2021:             Communication and the Public

2021:             Atlantic Journal of Communication

2020-2021:    Health Communication

2020-2021:    International Journal of Communication

2020:             International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health & Wellbeing

2020:             The Social Science Journal

2020:             Drug and Alcohol Dependence

2020:             National Communication Association Conference

2019:             Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing

Since 2020:     Plos ONE

Since 2005:     Journal of Social Marketing

Since 2019:     International Communication Association Conference

Volunteer Activities

2014-now: US Guide Mentoring Program: I mentored several candidates to US graduate programs. Recently, one of them won a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a communication master's degree in communicaiton.

Nov-Dec 2015: Speaker at US Guide (non-profit organization) and Vietnam National University on communication as a career and scholarship.

August 2015: Sat in the advisory panel to contribute solutions to the challenges faced by The Youth Weekly, mainly the decline of readership.

June 2015: Member of the Fulbright Scolarship Selection Committee: I helped review and select outstanding candidates from over 150 applications to the final round of the Fulbright scholarship program for US graduate study in Fall 2016.

June 2015: Speaker at Pre-departure orientation program for students who are going to the US for their undergraduate and graduate study. 

May, 2015: I helped consult a group to provide mentoring service for high school students from disadvantaged background (Pro-bono work). The center is being formed at the moment and I have offered to teach on academic skills.

2013-2014: Small and Medium Enterprise Networking and Mentoring, US Embassy Sponsored Project: I served as a mentor, providing support to young business starters in Vietnam.

2011-2015: Delivered presentations and workshops on fundraising, proposal writing and media relationship to student clubs, ENACTUS, and other charity groups.

    2011-2013: Community Support: I coordinated students’ activities to volunteer in the helmet vaccination program launched by AIP Foundation.  
    I offered support to my students whenever I can on various things: journalistic writing, scholarship preparation, job applications...

The Fulbright Selection Committee for 2016 Intake 


Speaking in the Pre-departure Orientation US Study Program 2015.