Professional Work


I worked for nine years with the United Nations agencies and international nongovernment organizations in risk education, community development, and external communication. Our work focused in areas that were heavily impacted by the legacy of the Vietnam war. 

Years after the war ended in Southeast Asia, millions of landmines and unexploded ordances still kill and maim people while posing obstacles to socio-economic development. I collaborated with the UNICEF Child Protection Section to produce several PSAs and radio messages to provide risk information and thus, reduce landmine casualties. The below two YouTube clips were examples of these PSAs. 

Photos of Activities
1999 - Baseline survey for landmine contamination in the former Charlie 1 battlefield, former DMZ of the Vietnam war.
1999 - Data cross checking for operation reporting and planning.
2000 - The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team worked at dawn on a resettlement site in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
2006 - Delivered mine risk education training for the local Women Union members
2003 - Children team prepared for a peer risk education performance in Gio Linh District (near the former McNamara defensive line).
2004 - Produced a risk education PSA, near Ai Tu military airstrip
2004 - A landmine survivor told his story to his peers in a risk education art performance night at a community school.
2005 - Presented on the project activities at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.
2007- With the fundraising team in Washington D.C.