I taught communication courses at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), a renowned Australian university, from 2009 - 2016. I have a graduate certificate in higher education learning and teaching at RMIT. I taught undergraduate communication and contextual courses including Communication Research & Evaluation, Theories of Communication & Persuasion, Modern Asia, Mass Media in Asia, Communication Histories and Technologies, Communication & Social Relations, and Public Relations (All classes at RMIT, except for professional Vietnamese, are taught in English).

From Fall 2016 - 2019 I taught Interpersonal Communication (COMM1500) and Empirical Research Methods in Communication (COMM3700) at the University of Geogia, an R1 school in the US. Starting Fall 2020, I teach a graduate seminar in International Health Communication at Georgia State University. 

My students and me (Research Methods, University of Georgia, 2019).


My students and me (Communication Theories, RMIT Vietnam University, 2011).