My academic training and professional background have informed my research agenda, which focuses on (a) advancing the understanding of how social norms are formed and, in turn, influence health behaviors, (b) examining persuasive media messages that affects perceptions and health behaviors, and (c) considering social marketing strategies to leverage healthy social changes. 

Refereed Journal Articles


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*Denotes students/mentees



Edited Book

Brennan, L., Parker, L., Watne, T., Fien, J., Duong, H. T. & Doan, M. A. (2013), Growing sustainable communities: A development guide for Southeast Asia. Tilde University Press, Australia.


Book Chapters

Harris, T., Aarum, J., Duong, H. T. (2020). Negotiating and communicating about identity within multi-ethnic/multi-racial families. In Soliz, J. & Colaner, C. W. (Eds.), Navigating relationships in the modern family: Communication, identity, and difference in the family. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.


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Book (in Vietnamese)

Duong, H. T. (2016). The Age of Distraction. The Vietnam Literature Publisher (Catalogued by Cornell University Library Asia Collections and Vietnam National University Library).