Memory of My Father

09/01/2016 18:19

I mostly spent the last two months in the intensive care unit of Hue city hospital to take care of my father, who had an accident and passed away on the last day of 2015. His passing left a deep hole in our hearts. He lived a life of dignity, care, and full of passion. His late poetry work was very successful and sentimental.

During the days staying in the hospital, I observed the everyday life stories of the caretakers, who were mostly in similar situation to mine. This observation along with my conversations with them led to the article "The Lily flower by the hospital window." In this article, I told a short story about how patients' caretakers formed an egalitarian community under the corridor roof of the intensive care unit.

Here is the link to this article (Vietnamese):

The night before my father passed away, I wrote a feature story about life and death without knowing that it would serve as an augury of his last day. My article was inspired by my reading of an opinion piece on The New York Times by Jennifer Hollis, who is a music thanatologist. Hollis' article is  "Songs of Transition" and my article's title is "The Rhythm of The Harp." I wish readers would find Hollis' article and mine interesting and soothing.

Here is Hollis' article on the New York Times (English)

Here is my article on the Saigon Times (Vietnamese):