11/05/2017 12:08

ARTICLE: Vietnamese news media trivializes women leaders


12/01/2017 20:00

Oxfam Report on Gender and Media Stereotyping

Link to Oxfam website:


11/05/2016 21:31

The Age of Distraction

The book is a collection of 49 news stories that I wrote during 2013-2016. The book review is here (in Vietnamese):  


09/01/2016 18:19

Memory of My Father

I mostly spent the last two months in the intensive care unit of Hue city hospital to take care of my father, who had an accident and passed away on the last day of 2015. His passing left a deep hole in our hearts. He lived a life of dignity, care, and full of passion. His late poetry work was very...


15/12/2014 21:23

The pleasure of writing

I write media articles whenever I have the time to write. Some articles are feature writings to reflect on society, communication and culture. Others are written based on scientific research findings to tell stories with different angles of cerebration.   



What advertisements do to my mother (Published on Vietnam News) 


Sherlock Holmes and myopia in the digital era (Published on Vietnam News) 


NGOs struggle for visibility on Facebook (Published on Vietnam News) 


Our Second Life (Published on The Saigon Times) Link:

The Lonely Stars (Published on The Saigon Times)  Link:

A Belated Fear (Published on The Saigon Times) Link:

The Youth and Their Idols  (Published on The Saigon Times) Link:


Articles on Communication, Media and Society

The Fractures of Culture (Special issue on Lunar New Year 2015) 

Women and Media

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The age of distraction

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Father, son and postcolonialism

National Reputation and Social Media

Time awaits no one

That is amusing

The lights are on but nobody's at home

  The Invisibles
Scent of The Past

Memory of The Red Silk Cotton Tree

    Crisis communication: Using a hammer to kill a fly?
    When the storm is over: Post-crisis Communication

The future of corporate philanthropy

Window Dressing: The Volkswagen crisis

When advertising goes online

Events and Pseudo-events

Slogans in competitions

Online peer review and e-commerce

Online Fanpage Prize Hunters

Social Marketing to Prevent Road Traffic Injuries

Telemarketing in Vietnam

    Expatriates and local employees in developing countries

Time and tide await no one


Black Friday and Shopping Ritual


A tradition of compassion

Why do chicken run to the other side of the road before vehicles?

Look up to the stars


The Dark Hall of Fame 


4. Selected Articles on the Saigon Marketing 


Green Consumption: Is it hard?

Family Green Consumption: Who gets to decide?